The Regulatory Solution

Ask for a Change to Save Our Air

By focusing on fuel and emissions research, UAI uncovered an alarming amount of data showing that aromatics added to gasoline to boost octane is harmful to our health. Aromatics come out of the tailpipe as ultrafine particulates which are so tiny, our bodies cannot filter them and they directly enter our bloodstream. This can contribute to heart disease, low birth weight, and asthma.

UAI was formed to make a difference, improve gasoline, and improve air quality. Why use these toxic aromatics when cleaner options such as ethanol exist? Well that’s when we discovered while the solution seems simple, getting there is going to be a challenge.

We discovered a number of regulatory roadblocks and bad data which limits ethanol and its ability to improve gasoline. Since then, we’ve taken small steps that we believe will eventually make a big difference for the air we all breathe.

UAI Timeline

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Right now we are focused on these regulatory barriers.

  1. Despite a readily available alternative, harmful aromatics and gasoline continue to exist at levels causing public health dangers;
  2. Allow the RVP waiver to apply to all ethanol blends since vapor pressure actually decreases as you increase volume;
  3. Approve an E30 Certification Fuel which would allow any volume of ethanol up to that to be used;
  4. Approve mid-level blends for distribution through legacy pumps and for use in legacy vehicles;
  5. Reinstate vehicle mileage credits to encourage vehicles be optimized for mid-level blends up to E30;
  6. Correct the MOVES model that currently would limit ethanol blends;
  7. Raise the minimum octane requirement for all gasoline;
  8. Update Ethanol Lifecycle Analysis as required by law;

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