UAI sues EPA over MOVES Model

(Colwich, Kansas- December 13, 2014)The Urban Air Initiative (UAI) filed a lawsuit against the EPA for using a new model that inaccurately blames pollution increases on ethanol. For years, UAI has requested that the EPA recalculate its models regarding ethanol and emissions. The EPA never responded and UAI felt this lawsuit was its only option.

UAI along with the State of Kansas, State of Nebraska and the Energy Future Coalition are asking a federal appeals court to block the EPA’s new MOVES2014 (Mobile Vehicle Emissions Simulator) model. EPA regulations require states use the MOVES2014 model for calculating emissions and their impact on air pollution.

UAI and auto industry research proves that the model unfairly concludes that ethanol emissions create higher levels of pollution. UAI has particularly focused on the poor quality of the base gasoline used in the testing.   That’s why states like Kansas and Nebraska, which depend on the ethanol industry, got involved to help UAI and EFC stop the use of this model.

“EPA’s requirement that states use this faulty model was unlawfully adopted without notice and opportunity for comment. This is an example of the EPA imposing its will on the states rather than working cooperatively toward the shared goal of cleaner air. We are asking that this model be rejected and replaced with a model that more accurately reflects the true emission effects of ethanol,” said Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt.

This lawsuit will continue to help raise awareness of the need to open the market to ethanol, which reduces toxic emissions while providing the octane boost the automakers need.