Urban Air Initiative Applauds Black Caucus Recognition of Ethanol’s Health Benefits

Colwich, Kansas, November 9, 2015: The Urban Air Initiative (UAI) today commended  the Congressional Black Caucus members for recognizing the important role ethanol plays in reducing harmful emissions from gasoline.

In a letter of support for the Renewable Fuel Standard, 16 members of the caucus urged U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy to maintain proposed levels of biofuel use and cited a range of energy, economic, and environmental benefits.

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“We think it is particularly noteworthy that the Caucus specifically addresses what we believe is a problem that is not always easy to talk about, which is how urban residents, often of low income and minorities,  are unable to escape the fumes from petroleum based fuels and face serious health consequences”, said UAI President Dave VanderGriend.

“Poor air quality particularly affects those in urban areas and communities of color”,  wrote the Caucus members.   The letter went on to  note some of the specific ailments that UAI has been warning are on the rise due to petroleum based emissions.  “We urge continued attention to toxic emissions from fossil fuels that compromise human health and cause illnesses such as childhood asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and other adverse health effects,” wrote the caucus members.

“This is the kind of awareness we are going to need to change the status quo of the petroleum monopoly”, said VanderGriend.  Again, we commend those members of Congress for taking this position and look forward to working with them.”