Don’t Buy Big Oil’s Lies on E15

Don’t Buy Big Oil’s Lies on E15

It didn’t take long. Minutes after President Trump announced he wanted to see E15 sold year round, the anti ethanol messages started. As President Trump himself said“ethanol makes the air cleaner”, Big Oil was spreading lies that ethanol hurts our cars and the environment.

This is simply not true. Ethanol replaces the most cancer causing compounds of gasoline called aromatics, reducing toxic emissions and improving air quality. It also reduces lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by 43% compared to oil. We want to arm you with facts to help stop the spread of Big Oil’s lies. Below are some examples.

“The Clean Air Act sets standards for fuel volatility, and E15 hasn’t been allowed in the summer because it can cause smog.”– Wall Street Journal
Don’t Buy Big Oil’s Lies: Ethanol does not increase smog. Testing on real world fuels has validated that petroleum derived cancer causing aromatics are the leading cause of smog.

“However, ethanol also has negative impacts on the environment, and it can be harmful to our cars.” – Forbes
Don’t Buy Big Oil’s Lies: Ethanol is better for the environment. According to the USDA and DOE, ethanol reduces lifecycle greenhouse emissions by 43% compared to gasoline.

“Plus, the use of ethanol in gasoline distorts the gasoline market and even increases the cost of the food we buy in supermarkets.”– Forbes
Don’t Buy Big Oil’s Lies: Food vs Fuel was debunked years ago. Corn prices are at a historic low, can you say the same about your grocery bill?

Putting a fuel into the marketplace that the vast majority of cars on the road were not designed to use is not in the best interest of consumers. Vehicle compatibility tests have shown that high ethanol levels in gasoline can damage engines and fuel systems.” – American Petroleum Institute (API)
Don’t Buy Big Oil’s Lies: About 90% of cars on the road today are approved for E15. Back in 2011, the EPA approved it for all cars 2001 and newer. And most noted damage to engines today isn’t due to ethanol, it’s due to the varying amounts of toxic aromatics added to gasoline.

Ethanol is a good fuel source, but just don’t put the mandate on it allow the market to drive how much is out there,” said Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla.
 Don’t Buy Big Oil’s Lies: E15 is not a mandate, it’s about choice. Fuel retailers can choose to sell it or not.

Feel free to share these statements on social media. It’s going to take all of us to help stop the spread of misinformation related to E15 and ethanol in general. Ethanol is a cleaner and more affordable replacement to the most toxic aromatics added to gasoline.