UAI Applauds Governors Call to Reduce Toxics in Gasoline

UAI Applauds Governors Call to Reduce Toxics in Gasoline

Colwich, KS, November 25, 2019: Urban Air Initiative (UAI) President Dave VanderGriend said the Governors’ Biofuel Coalition’s call for reducing toxic aromatics is a long overdue step towards cleaner air.

In a letter to President Trump calling for the reduction of toxics in gasoline, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem cited a provision in the Clean Air Act requiring such reductions. Yet 30 years after the passage of the Clean Air Act, the average gallon of gasoline contains nearly 30% toxic aromatics including benzene and other known carcinogens and toxics.

The Governors wrote “As oil prices have risen, aromatic costs have followed, with consumers paying the price.  Aromatics are the most expensive, least energy efficient, and most carbon intensive and toxic part of gasoline.”  Citing the negative health impacts, the Governors said, “One practical and cost-effective way to reduce aromatics is to use 30% ethanol blends to reduce particulate matter and black carbon emissions by 45% and hydrocarbon pollution by more than 20%.”

“This is a long overdue, proactive measure that could protect public health by giving consumers access to higher ethanol blends, which are cleaner and provide more octane,” said VanderGriend.  “Peer reviewed studies commissioned by UAI have clearly shown higher ethanol blends can replace aromatics and reduce harmful emissions.”

“These Governors are to be commended for recognizing the value of ethanol as a tool to reduce air pollution and improve public health. Their letter points out an existing law that requires no legislation to reduce aromatics.  As President Trump tries to help the ethanol and agriculture industries this is an immediate step he can take, simply by directing EPA to enforce the law,” VanderGriend.