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Ethanol Blends at the Pump

After learning about all of the health, air quality and octane benefits of ethanol blends, you may want to fill up with them. Well good news, you are already helping. Currently 95 percent of gasoline contains 10 percent ethanol, E10. So when you choose E10 instead of gasoline with no ethanol, you’re helping improve air quality. But more improvements can be made when you add even more ethanol to gasoline. In order to purchase mid-level blends, a gas station needs a blender pump. Blender pumps allow consumers to choose their ethanol level. Research shows using a 15-30% blend of ethanol has the greatest impact on reducing emissions with little to no mileage loss.

Right now, there are roughly 400 stations nationwide that offer mid-level ethanol blends. The U.S Department of Agriculture wants to see that number grow. In 2015 it gave $100 million in grant money to 21 states to install additional blender pumps for mid-level ethanol blends.

UAI believes that once blender pumps are available, consumers will want to choose the healthier and often cheaper option, in order to help reduce emissions from aromatics on their own until the EPA acts and fulfills its obligations under the 1990 Clean Air Act.

Video: Removing ethanol from gasoline raises toxic emissions

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