New Study: Ethanol Keeps Gaining Ground in the Race to Reduce Carbon

September 29, 2021: Replacing toxic carcinogens in gasoline provides a huge boost to an already impressive carbon reduction number for ethanol, according to a new study published by Transport Energy Strategies (TES), a leading energy consultancy with expertise in emissions, fuel and oil refining. TES found that ethanol’s inclusion in the fuel supply has had […]

Ethanol’s Carbon Impact in the Fuel Tank

A new study is underway to determine whether corn based ethanol makes a larger contribution to the reduction of GHG emissions than it is currently receiving credit. The Urban Air Initiative commissioned a study with Transport Energy Strategies to look at the impact ethanol has on carbon reduction in the gasoline itself. Current modeling regarding […]

UAI Conducts Vehicle Emission Testing- Ethanol Blends Come Out Cleaner

October 19, 2020: The future of vehicle emission testing is at our fingertips, literally. The use of Portable Emissions Measurements Systems (PEMS) is growing in popularity because it’s an accurate and consistent way to test emissions for real world driving conditions and real world fuels. Before PEMS, the only vehicle testing done was in a […]

A New Research Tool to Help Ensure Accurate Ethanol Data

August 24, 2020: A new tool is available for researchers to help ensure accurate and consistent results when conducting fuel and emission testing. Future Fuel Strategies recently published a Fuel Blending Guide for Ethanol: Identifying Sound Practices for Acquiring or Blending Fuels for Studies of Emissions Changes. The Urban Air Initiative (UAI) commissioned this study […]

Corn Growers, Ethanol Supporters to EPA: Stop Penalizing Ethanol Blends

Washington, D.C. August 14, 2020: The Urban Air Initiative (UAI), a coalition of state corn grower organizations, and the American Coalition for Ethanol, and the Clean Fuels Development Coalition filed comments today asking EPA not to penalize ethanol’s ability to reduce carbon emissions. The EPA is proposing to penalize ethanol for its lower carbon profile, […]

Corn Growers, Ethanol Supporters Again Challenge EPA’s Flawed Testing and Modeling

Washington, D.C.  July 9, 2020:  Joining forces to challenge flawed science, a coalition including the Urban Air Initiative (UAI), ten state corn grower organizations and the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) are pressuring the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to correct its recent “Anti-Backsliding’ study. The coalition says the study is based on faulty modeling data […]

Urban Air Calls Out EPA for Failed PM Reductions

Washington D.C., July 1 2020:  In comments filed this week, The Urban Air Initiative (UAI) called the U.S EPA’s decision not to tighten air quality standards for particulate matter (PM) a shortsighted and technically flawed decision, and urged the agency to adopt tighter standards to save lives. EPA’s proposed rulemaking essentially rejects attempts to improve […]

Urban Air Initiative Comments Cite EPA’s Obstacles to Mid-Level Blends

Colwich, KS, June 30 2020: The Urban Air Initiative filed comments with the EPA calling on the agency to correct several crucial provisions impacting ethanol blends as part of a new rule designed to streamline regulations governing gasoline and diesel fuels. As published in the Federal Register, EPA states the rule is intended to streamline […]

EPA’s COVID-19 Panel Asked to Review Connection between Fuel Quality and Air Quality

The Urban Air Initiative (UAI) sent a letter to the COVID-19 Review Panel within the EPA’s Science Advisory Board asking them to look at the research that shows the impact gasoline additives have on tailpipe emissions and air pollution. The review panel asked the question, does long term exposure to pollution increase the susceptibility of […]