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It’s time to demand a change. If we do not challenge the bad science and misinformation being spread about biofuels, we will be forced to continue using gasoline with toxic aromatics. As we’ve explained throughout the Beyond a Reasonable Doubt series, there is a healthier and more affordable octane source available today: clean-burning biofuels.

Urban-air-initiative-fix-our-fuel-social-graphic9The Urban Air Initiative is committed to its mission to improve air quality and protect public health by reducing the use of toxic aromatics in gasoline. We are focused on increasing the use of clean-burning ethanol as a replacement. If left unchallenged, the petroleum industry will succeed in convincing you, the consumer, that biofuels will damage cars, gasoline pumps, pollute the air, and use excess energy, all while driving up food prices while starving the world. Thankfully, those falsehoods are countered by science, innovation, Mother Nature, common sense, capitalism, agriculture, and courageous public policy makers.

Consider what it means to the economy, to national defense, to public health the next time you fill up your car; think about what you are putting into your gas tank. You are being forced to use one product. You, the consumer, are not being given a choice. This shift in thinking can translate into change.

Right now, mid-level ethanol blends with 15, 20 and even 30 percent have limited availability in certain parts of the country. Choosing those blends will help make a difference in the air you breathe. Click here to find out if you live near an ethanol blending fuel retailer. If you don’t have access to ethanol blends, ask for it. Tell your fuel retailer you’d like access to cleaner fuel options and tell your elected officials to enforce the Clean Air Act.

It’s Congress’s job to represent the people and provide for the common good. If the people demand cleaner fuel options, it will outweigh unelected bureaucrats and the billions of dollars Big Oil spends to spin the message. If people demand a choice, the free market will dictate the fuels that end up in our vehicles. And given a fair playing field, with bad science improved and regulations removed consider what that truly means: cleaner fuel and cleaner air.

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