Let’s Clear the Air about ethanol and the cost of fuel. Have you ever noticed that E0 or gasoline with no ethanol is 40-60 cents more expensive than regular E10? This is a great example of the cost benefit ethanol brings to gasoline and our wallets. Ethanol is a more affordable additive compared to the toxic aromatics used at the refinery.

Unless you seek out E0, all other gasoline has 10% ethanol in it. A recent analysis found that the blending of 10% ethanol into gasoline saves the average household $306 a year. That’s at least how much more you’d be spending on gas if it wasn’t for ethanol.

You’ll see an even greater savings by choosing higher ethanol blends. E15, E20 and E30 are between 2-10 cents cheaper than regular gasoline at JumpStart in Colwich and across the Wichita metro area. The biggest question asked at JumpStart is why does the price go down when the octane or numbers on the button go up? This is because ethanol is historically cheaper than gasoline and the retailer is passing the savings for a higher octane fuel to the consumer.

In addition to helping save money, ethanol also reduces the United States reliance on foreign oil imports. Every truckload of ethanol displaces more than 110 barrels of crude oil. So the next time you fill up, remember that ethanol is helping make your fuel more affordable. And you’ll save even more when you try higher ethanol blends.