Let’s Clear the Air about ethanol’s impact on your engine. Blends up to E30 run great in all vehicles and will not damage your car or engine. All cars 2001 and newer are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency to run E15. The reason 2001 is because studies continually showed at this model year the computers were able to adapt to varying levels of ethanol. The testing done to make that determination was done using E20, which was also found to work without issue. There are also hundreds of people across the midwest using E30 in a non-flex vehicle without issue.

Not only are ethanol blends engine safe, but you won’t see noticeable mileage loss with mid-level blends. This is because the vehicle is able to take advantage of the increased octane, improving performance and mileage. There is a mileage loss with E85 and I don’t recommend you use E85 unless you have a flex fuel vehicle. You can often tell if your car if Flex Fuel because it has a yellow gas cap.

One question we’ve been asked is whether you can just make the switch to an ethanol blend, or if you have to make sure your tank is empty. The answer is yes, you can fill up today with E15, E20 or E30 and your car will adjust the varying level of ethanol. Then if you are out of town the next fill up and go back to E10, there will be no problem.

So the next time you fill up, take a baby step and try the next blend up from what you’re currently using at Jump Start. Take note if you notice any changes or improvements and please let us know. We’re happy to talk and answer questions at info@urbanairinitiative.com.