Our Mission

A Choice at the Pump

The Urban Air Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving air quality and protecting public health by reducing vehicle emissions. We are focused on increasing the use of clean burning ethanol in our gasoline supply to replace harmful aromatic compounds in gasoline. UAI is helping meet public policy goals to lower emissions and reduce carbon in our environment through scientific studies and real-world data to promote new fuels, engine design, and public awareness.

In 2012, UAI was founded as a nonprofit organization. UAI works closely with others to improve air quality and reduce harmful compounds in gasoline by focusing on technical research, public policy, and education.

What We’re noticing

As Americans, our addiction to oil has caused real health consequences. The combustion of gasoline produces ultra-fine particulate matter and toxic pollutants that affect the health of our communities, families, and children.

What We’ve determined

Our research, along with independent studies, has determined that adding more ethanol to gasoline replaces these harmful aromatic compounds, reducing tailpipe and greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality.

What We’re focused on

UAI is now focused on educating the public on the issue and taking regulatory steps in an effort to get the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to make the necessary changes to fix our fuel and improve our air quality and health.