Educating Consumers on Biofuels- a Lower Carbon Gasoline

The Urban Air Initiative recently teamed up with local high school students to educate consumers on the many benefits of biofuels- including the fact that it’s a lower carbon fuel.

UAI and a local chapter of the FFA Organization spent time talking to drivers as they filled up at JumpStart in Wichita, Kansas. JumpStart has 15 blender pump stations, selling mid-level ethanol blends.

The students helped explain that not only do you save money and get improved performance with ethanol blends, they are also cleaner fuels. UAI calculations show that the Super Premium 93 octane, which is an E30 blend, has 10% less carbon than regular gasoline.

Drivers were receptive to this message and appreciative for the information. 80% of those we talked with said they do believe cleaner fuels are important and needed in the discussions related to reducing carbon.