Ethanol Education at your Fingertips

Ethanol Education at your Fingertips

Ethanol can do so much for our communities, agriculture, and our environment. We believe it’s up to us to help educate and explain the many benefits of using ethanol blends. It starts in our companies and communities.

The Urban Air Initiative created an educational campaign called Let’s Clear the Air. It’s a campaign with all of the print and digital tools needed to effectively educate at a grassroots level. Branded coffee cups are one of the favorite marketing pieces! And while so far this year, ethanol education has not been a priority because of the pandemic- we want to remind you that the tool is available when the time is right.

United Wisconsin Grain Producers recently launched the Let’s Clear the Air campaign at their plant. We asked them to provide some feedback on their experiences so far.

UAI: Why did you decide to run the Let’s Clear the Air campaign?

UWGP: We felt this would be a great message for our employees/community – we want our employees to be part of the grassroots effort to promote mid-level and higher ethanol blends.

UAI: What do you like about the campaign?

UWGP: I love the graphics that you have created. We have had 3 banners made/put up through out the facility.  One of them is above the corn receiving line for all drivers to see. I also like how you have everything laid out in regards to correspondence, emails, graphics, etc.

UAI: What kind of feedback have you received from your employees?

UWGP: I have received back multiple survey’s. Along with the survey we have added where employees can fill up locally with mid-level and higher ethanol blends. (The campaign includes a pre and post survey to gauge your employees knowledge of ethanol and whether it improves with the campaign)

UAI: What would you say to other ethanol plants considering running the campaign?

UWGP: I think it is a good way to get the word out about ethanol and have it be fun and be interactive. We have gotten back more survey’s than I expected. I also now have employees contacting me to let me know what other gas stations in the area that have mid-level and higher ethanol blends.

We are thrilled UWGP is having success so far with the campaign. If you would like to learn more about the Let’s Clear the Air campaign and the tools and materials available for you to easily educate your employees or conduct a social media campaign, please email