Providing Ethanol Education During Harvest

Providing Ethanol Education During Harvest

Siouxland Ethanol used the recent corn harvest to educate its employees and community members about the benefits of ethanol. Everyone who drove onto the property were greeted with signs explaining the emissions, cost and engine benefits of ethanol. They used the artwork and content from the Let’s Clear the Air campaign, a free ethanol educational resource provided by the Urban Air Initiative (UAI).

Amy Fleury with Siouxland says since they have trucks lined up at the plant during harvest, they thought it would be a good time to educate. We asked her a few questions about their experience with the campaign, below are her answers.

UAI: Why did you use the Let’s Clear the Air campaign?

Siouxland: Siouxland Ethanol believes in the mission behind the Let’s Clear The Air campaign. We want to be sure our employees understand that by producing ethanol we are also making a positive impact on human health and the environment by both reducing air pollution and improving air quality all while keeping more money in the consumer’s pocket.

UAI: What was the process like, any suggestions or ideas for improvement?

Siouxland: Kim with UAI has been awesome to work with! UAI provided all the needed materials to use while also leaving room for us to make it our own. Siouxland Ethanol had a couple different sign ideas we wanted to try and they were fully behind us helping make that happen while also reaching out along the way.

UAI: Would you recommend other plants try the campaign?

Siouxland: YES! As a company, all we can see are positive things coming from it.

If you want to learn more about the Let’s Clear the Air campaign and how to use it at your ethanol plant or place of business, email